After releasing two albums under the pseudonym The Petticoat Tearoom and garnering high praise for his "stirring and well-crafted songs" (HYPE MACHINE), Washington, D.C.-based songwriter Tomás Pagán Motta has produced a stunning eponymous debut set for a February 2015 release. 

Defined by Motta's "warm and intimate vocals" (BEATS PER MINUTE), the upcoming album raises powerful questions on opening your own truth in a world of conformity and unlimited access to information. With expressive compositions like "Up and Away" and  "I Don't Care", Motta searches for purpose in an increasingly complex world.

"I want to communicate with my countrymen and fellow human beings.  My life is a straw in a hurricane of leaves.  Yet, I'm compelled to express anyway.  And I'll endure to do so.  To endure is divine, isn't it?  

Tomás Pagán Motta was born in Maryland of Caribbean heritage and raised for some time in Puerto Rico.  He started his exploration into music playing the trumpet in an attempt to emulate Arturo Sandoval.  As a young adult, his thirst for expression began to overwhelm him.  Motta spent many years as a journalist, a delivery man and even a Presidential archivist.  But his most vital outlet remained songwriting.  He formed The Petticoat Tearoom in Baltimore to begin showcasing his music.  Now on his own, Motta's creations still bring him hope and purpose, and help him to reflect on the world around him.

"I'm very proud of this album.  The songs always morph and move and change like all of us.  It's just a feeling, a movement captured.  That singular movement captured."



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